Our Projects

Sustainable Farming Development

Baseline Surveys

We conduct surveys to ensure that our solutions are based on facts and are results guaranteed.

Together with our partners TWAWEZA East Africa and UWEZO Kenya, we lead the annual surveys and assessments on agro-pastoral training and development.

Sustainable Development and Capacity Building

SAPAD promotes sustainable agriculture development and livelihood improvement through Natural Resource Management Food Security and Climate Change response strategies.

Through our Capacity Building approach we help communities reach a level of operational, financial, and organizational maturity to function more effectively, efficiently and independently into the future.

We believe Capacity Building is not a one-time effort to improve short-term effectiveness, but a continuous improvement strategy toward the creation of a sustainable and effective organization for the long term.

Technical and Training Support

SAPAD provides the necessary technical support to Agro-Pastoralist communities enabling them to realize their capacities and strength. Training and facilitation services on diverse areas:

  • Resource mobilization
  • Organizational development
  • Sustainable & Organic Agriculture NRM
  • Need based skills development etc.

Environment and biodiversity

Soil Fertility

SAPAD supports environment biodiversity conservation through developing and promoting strategies to improve the fertility of the soil among the small scale Agro-Pastoralists in both the short and long terms.

Project Designing and Planning

Our environmental and biodiversity conservation efforts include:

  • Assessment and reports
  • Project development design and implementation
  • Guidance on development Participatory Forest Management (PFM)
  • Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM),
  • Water conservation
  • Common property management, etc.

Training & Events

SAPAD offers guidance and training in Strategic planning, project implementation, resource mobilization and advocacy plans among others.

Organized and coordinated two World Environment Days in the County over the period from 2013 - 2015 with over 2,000 persons and exhibitors attending.

Culture and Community

Cultural Diversity

Our interactions with communities begin with an understanding and respect of local customs and traditions. With this approach, we increase acceptance to our programs while offering real solutions to specific local problems.

We have worked with over 700 community members on conflict resolution and peace building to foster development within and among the neighboring communities of Tharaka Nithi and Meru Counties.

Community Support and Awareness

We believe that health, peace and a helping hand make up the foundation of any thriving and sustainable community.

Our policies include provisions of charity and social welfare assisting people facing:

  • financial difficulties
  • health care issues
  • education and literacy
  • provision of safety regulations for employment and products
  • delivery of food aid or recovery missions to regions or countries negatively affected by draught or famine
  • adoption programs
SAPAD provides educational support promoting child development in Kenya. Through household and community development, we help promote awareness and access the available services on HIV & AIDS.

Gender Equality and Empowerment

SAPAD promotes gender equality encouraging and training all community members, including women and young girls, to participate in which ever areas they are capable to support sustainable development and food security.